Staying Confident All Year Round

These days staying healthy and looking good is at the top of nearly everyone’s priority list, and our daily choices can determine just how healthy we are and or how vibrant we look.

These days staying healthy and looking good is at the top of nearly everyone’s priority list, and our daily choices can determine just how healthy we are and or how vibrant we look. Not everything is in our control, but the habits and approaches we take to our health can often make a difference between being healthy and unhealthy.

Diet and nutrition to stay healthy, look and feel good.

Two areas we have the most control over are our GOOD NUTRITION and EXERCISE. These can both have huge effects on overall health, and can be some of the main factors in preventing disease and other complications later in life. 

At Body Catalyst, we understand that a major contributing factor to our clients lasting results, is what they are doing when they leave our clinic. This is why all of our therapists are qualified nutritionists. We are all extremely passionate about helping people to LOOK and FEEL great and to help our clients to MAKE a SHIFT to CREATE a lasting CHANGE. Not only to aesthetically look amazing, but to feel amazing too. 

What type of exercise should I be doing weekly?

In general, you should be aiming for at least two-and-a-half hours of medium-intensity exercise per week, or a slightly lower amount of high-intensity exercise. Mixing aerobics in with things like weight training or sports is a great way to vary your workouts. Make sure to stretch before and after exercising, and take appropriate safety precautions.

What are the types of foods I should include in my diet?

Nutritional needs differ for every person, but in general, some of the best foods you should regularly eat include are:

  • Seasonal and local fruits and vegetables in a variety of colours 
  • Good quality proteins such as fish, grass fed meat, organic chicken, eggs, plants proteins (legumes, beans, nuts, seeds)
  • Whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, oats
  • Essential fats such as olive oil and avocado

Try to balance items like dairy and oils, along with meats and poultry. Try to avoid highly processed food and sweets, overly salty and fried foods, trans fat-heavy foods and overuse of alcohol and caffeine. Stay hydrated as much as possible. Aim to consume 30ml of water per kg of bodyweight per day. 

Diet and exercise as a means of preventing health issues.

The largest benefit of a great diet and regular exercise is the way it helps your body stave off diseases and other conditions. Your body’s immune system is a complex machine, and diet and exercise can heavily affect it. Too many of the wrong foods can put you at risk, but the right foods complemented by appropriate exercise can actually boost your body’s ability to fight lifestyle related diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, depression, cancer and obesity.

Boost your results with non-surgical body contouring treatments.

Our treatments help to bridge the gap between what you are already doing in your lifestyle and what you are not able to achieve on your own. They work with our body’s natural processes to help improve skin tone and texture and reduce the stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. We have treatments for fat and cellulite reduction as well as skin treatments such as skin tightening and non-surgical facelift.

Non surgical treatments are a great option when diet and exercise alone cannot get you the results you want.

 If you find that you are struggling reaching your body goals through exercise and good nutrition alone or if you have stubborn areas on your body that doesn’t seem to improve no matter what you do, then our body contouring, cellulite or skin tightening treatments can help assist you to get there faster and with better results. Body Catalyst has been built around offering a holistic approach to helping our customers reach their body goals, combining leading technology with expertise in nutrition, health and wellness. Our therapists are qualified in Health and Nutrition. We are fully invested in helping our clients not only reach their body goals but maintain them.

Cryolipolysis for permanent fat reduction

When we learned of Cryolipolysis (non-surgical liposuction), we were so excited to find a treatment that helped this very issue by stimulating and working with the body’s natural processes. Up until then, changing the shape of the body was a luxury reserved for the likes of celebrities or the very wealthy. Our vision was to make this technology accessible to everyone – and with Body Catalyst we achieved that. 

Cryolipoysis, our fat freezing treatment is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, medically proven to reduce fat in treated areas by 20-30%. A special vacuumed applicator is applied to an area of the body and a controlled cooling technique lowers the treatment area to -9C. As fat cells cannot survive at this temperature, the fat cells crystallise, die and over a period of 3 months naturally eliminate from the body, making way for a new body shape to appear. So basically you kill the fat.

Body Catalyst uses the leading global Medical Grade technology to perform all non-surgical treatments.

Not all ‘Fat Freezing’ is created equal, so if you’re exploring Cryolipolysis, look for medical grade, state of the art equipment that is TGA approved and for expert staff who know what they’re doing. While Cryolipolysis is relatively safe, the results can vary depending on how the treatment is administered and what technology is used, so it’s worth doing your homework.


As a society, we talk a lot these days about ‘self love’ and ‘body acceptance’ – and we think this positivity is a shift in the right direction. For many women (and men!) who we work with, it’s the fact that they DO love their body that motivates them to make changes – rather than settling for what some might say is ‘just part of the parcel’.

If you’re interested in understanding more about the Body Catalyst difference, our team would be delighted to answer any questions you have. So book your complimentary consultation today

It’s true, there is no magic bullet, but my gosh there are some clever tricks here to help!


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