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The trust between client and therapist is of paramount importance in our eyes. Our bodies mean so much to us, so we want to know we’re getting the right advice, right? Darren’s journey is a shining example of this. Thanks for allowing us to share your story, Darren.

Darren is a father of two and an entrepreneur from South Melbourne. In 2021, he decided it was time to change his habits and improve his lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

He was also limited in his ability to perform strenuous exercise. So, he decided to try a keto diet and experienced amazing results. He lost an incredible 14 kilograms in just over 2 months.

The journey of self-empowerment begins.

After losing the excess kilos, Darren was on cloud nine. He felt his confidence levels skyrocket, but he wasn’t finished yet! Suddenly he was inspired to address other health and body image concerns he had. But, like so many of us, Darren experienced roadblocks along his health journey that he just couldn’t shift alone.

He’d lost the weight, but he wasn’t satisfied with his tone. Understandably, when you lose weight fairly quickly, you still have skin that needs toning. Which is no easy feat to handle on your own. And Darren, with his new body, could see the potential and craved increased muscle definition, too.

So, for the next stage of his transformation, Darren tried to tone and build muscle. However, he kept dropping fat and muscle, or the additional calories he was consuming were converting to fat instead of muscle growth. That’s how he crossed paths with Body Catalyst.

Body Catalyst is superior at targeting those difficult problem areas that exercise and lifestyle can’t tackle alone.

Darren had passed his local Port Melbourne clinic many times, and finally decided it worth a shot. He particularly liked that our clinics cater for all genders, and for all kinds of body concerns, and came in for consultation advice around loose skin on his abdomen, and muscle definition.

He met his (and our!) amazingly supportive therapist Jillian, and together they mapped out the perfect bespoke treatment plan to tackle Darren’s goals immediately and head on.

Darren’s Body Catalyst journey starts.

We love that Darren is a holistic individual and embraces constructive feedback and a willingness to try other treatments to achieve his goals. He also values feeling informed, which is what Body Catalyst is so well-known for. We share everything there is to know about our treatments, including research and advice. Darren knew after his consultation that he could trust Jillian’s expertise and the range and efficacy of the Body catalyst treatments available.

Darren attended our Port Melbourne clinic weekly for treatments.

First up, he started with 10 sessions of Radio Frequency skin tightening. After increasing elastin and collagen growth in his abdominal area, Jillian then introduced our Tesla Former muscle defining treatment. Jillian knew this effective treatment would not only address Darren’s desire to tone his abdominal muscles, but also strengthen his core and back muscles too, to alleviate back pain that Darren experienced (something Jillian found out during the initial important consultation).

Darren loved his results so much, as well as his rapport with Jillian, that he was then keen to try a HIFU Hollywood facelift which completely rejuvenated and firmed his skin. Darren then added to his journey the ULFIT abdomen skin tightening treatment to assist with lifting, contouring and tightening his abdomen.

This was a potent and powerful combination of treatments for Darren’s body goals. He’d found the positive transformation journey he’d been looking for, as well as a renewed focus on his health and wellbeing.

Valuing the support network within his local Body Catalyst clinic and wanting to make sure he remained focussed on his incredible body and wellness journey for the years ahead, Darren joined our Body Catalyst community with a membership (this gives him extra discounts when he chooses to top-up his treatments or try a new one).

Everyone at Body Catalyst is immensely proud of Darren’s commitment to shifting his lifestyle in a holistic way, in other words seeing not only what he wanted right now but identifying what his long-term body goals were. Seeing this journey from all angles. With the help of Jillian’s recommendations, Darren is continuing to see results by using healthy food as fuel, SWIISH super green & collagen protein powders to feed goodness from the inside, as well as hydrotherapy, a form of exercise Jillian suggested to alleviate pressure on his spine.

It’s why we’re unlike any other clinic family you’ll meet.

We’re not about aesthetics and we’re not into ‘quick fixes’. We cater for real people of all ages, and we see the bigger picture. We want lasting results for our clients, and this includes knowledge of the wider world of treatments that help complement our treatments. Helping ensure you know your options and choices towards achieving what you want to achieve with your body and skin goals. Jillian is a star, and her attitude and knowledge is a trait shared by all our therapists.

Darren’s transformation is not just physical. The way he carries himself and the smile he wears is just as much of an achievement in our eyes.

How will you know what treatments work best for you?

Our goal is to help you find happiness within your own skin. Any gender, at any age, it’s not just about improving aesthetics. Confidence stems from the inside out and that is top of mind with every plan we present to our clients.

The first step is a private consultation with one of our therapists, so we know exactly what your goals are. From there, we plan the treatments that will be most effective for the results you want to achieve, and then support you every step of the way along your body goals journey with us.

Darren’s journey is one of so many that we are proud to have played a part in. If you’ve got body and skin goals, we can help you achieve them. Everybody is different – and remember that nobody is in charge of your body, except you. If something is making you unhappy, your time is now. It’s possible to change what you’re unhappy with, and renew your confidence with lasting results, with Body Catalyst.


Book a complimentary consultation with our Aesthetic & Wellness Therapists. During your complimentary consultation, your body expert will help answer any questions you may have about the technology and treatment process. From there, we will work with you to customise and recommend the best treatment program options to help you achieve your body goals.


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