How To Get A Chiseled Jawline

Sculpt and define your chin and jawline with Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing and HIFU.

how to get a chiseled jawline


Weight isn’t the only factor resulting in a double chin. Factors outside of our control such as genetics, hormonal changes, and ageing can cause the appearance of a double chin.

Although a common misconception, weight is not the only reason for this condition, it can also be genetically predisposed, where the skin with little elasticity cannot hold the fat firmly.

Using a combination of Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing and HIFU skin tightening, our experienced therapists will be able to help you lift, contour and sculpt your chin and jawline.

At your complimentary consultation, our expert therapists will be able to advise what program of treatment(s) is best to help you achieve your goals.


If you’re looking to sculpt and define your jawline, you’re in the right place.

Firstly, using the CLatuu Alpha 360, Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing works by freezing the pocket of fat down to -9 °C, crystalizing the fat cells, causing them to go through apoptosis (cell death).

Permanently eliminate up to 30% of fat cells in one session, althouguh we recommend completing two sessions to acheive up to 50% of a permanent fat cell reduction.

From there, we utilise HIFU which uses a micro-focused ultrasound to target different depths of the skin as deep as the SMAS (muscle) layer, to help lift, contour and tighten around the jaw.

We recommend completing a minimum of 3 sessions to achieve a beautifully sculpted jaw, with results improving for 3 months after each session!

The combination of both treatments will give you the sculpted jaw you’re looking for!




Number of treatments: 2 sessions fat freezing
What They Say

“Miriam attributes core values and went beyond for me.She took the time to consult and assed me. Ive had one session of fat freezing and noticed a change already. I am super excited for my second session.I walk away confident each time after treatment.Highly recommend!!”

Victoria B

“Everyone on the team is so lovely and gentle with my treatments. I’ve had a few hifu sessions so far and it’s amazing seeing the effect they have on my face, even immediately after. They warned me ahead of time that I could experience more discomfort due to things such as metal tooth fillings, but were able to help make it so I could go through with it easily!”

Victoria B

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No two bodies are the same, so why should your treatment plan be? Book a consultation with one of our qualified therapists to discuss your wellness & body goals, budget, time frame and expectations and we’ll create the perfect plan for you. Your consultation is the catalyst for the change you want to see and feel. So, book now. Your future self will thank you!


Book a consultation with one of our qualified therapists. During this consultation we will discuss your body goals.


Your therapist will work with you to create a customised treatment plan to help you achieve your body goals.


Our therapists have health science, nutrition and beauty backgrounds. They provide additional guidance to not only maximise your results, but help you maintain them. 


Once you and your therapist have mapped out your treatment plan, you can begin your treatments.


On the day of your treatment, we will take your measurements and photos to monitor your results.


Post-treatment, you will receive regular check-in phone calls and emails to see how you’re tracking.


Follow-up appointments are booked in to monitor your progress through photos and measurements.


At every stage of the way, our highly trained therapists are here to support you and answer any questions you may have.


Both a fat pad and sagging skin can create the appearance of a double chin. Cryo works to remove the volume of a fat pad creating a double chin, and HIFU tightens the skin around the jawline, sharpening it and taking care of laxity that may be creating a sagging appearance. 

Micro-focused ultrasound energy is delivered precisely into multiple skin depths without damaging the surface of the skin. It is first delivered to the dermal layer to stimulate collagen production and renewal and then even deeper to the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) layer to create lift. The result, over time, is natural skin lifting, tightening and contouring.

When it comes to how often you’ll require a non-surgical facelift, it will very much depend on the individual. It is generally recommended to undergo treatments every 12-18 months in order to achieve and maintain optimum results.

All areas on the body and face. The most popular areas are face, neck, chin, periorbital (under the eyes), crow’s feet, cheeks, forehead, and décolletage. On the body, it is highly effective for the stomach, hands, thighs, and knees.

Absolutely! The treatments are non-invasive – meaning the treatment does not penetrate the skin so there is no risk of infection or complication. Nor do we use toxins. The treatment itself acts as a catalyst to stimulate the body’s natural processes.

The number of treatments that you will need  depends on your individual skin type and elasticity, your biological response to ultrasound energy and your collagen-building process. We generally recommend 1-3 treatments depending on the area treated and your desired results.

Results can be seen immediately with collagen production increasing in the 6-12 weeks post-treatment. Results will continue to improve over time, up to 3 months post-treatment.

No, your skin cannot be damaged. It is a safe treatment, which is specifically designed to tighten, rejuvenate, repair, and lift the skin. Be assured that the skin will neither be damaged nor adversely affected.

Ulfit HIFU is equipped with rapid shot movement, making it highly precise and efficient. Treatment times vary depending on the area of treatment. Treatment for the entire face and body can be delivered in approximately 45-60 minutes. Whereas, treatment to individual areas of the face or body can be delivered in as little as 15 minutes.

While side effects are very uncommon, there is a small chance they could occur. Possible side effects are generally mild and temporary and can include a slight redness to the skin, which will decrease within 30 minutes. Some people may experience slight tenderness or sensitivity following their Ulfit HIFU treatment from a few days up to one or two weeks. This typically is a good sign that things are happening deep within the skin.

If you have wrinkles, fine lines, or sagging skin on your face or neck Ulfit HIFU is the perfect treatment to lift, tighten and rejuvenate your skin. Ulfit HIFU also helps to contour and tighten specific areas of the body and face. It is also perfect for mothers post-pregnancy or anyone who has loose or crepey skin.

Following a thorough consultation by one of our expert therapists an Ulfit applicator is applied to the skin and warm pulses of ultrasound energy are delivered, causing the deep muscle layer to contract. At the same time, the gentle heat stimulates collagen production resulting in tighter, healthier and contoured skin.

At Body Catalyst, we are not only the largest and most experienced body shaping clinic in Australia, but we also offer competitively priced treatments at all of our locations across Australia. We consistently perform more treatments per year than our competitors, and our reviews and legion of loyal and satisfied customers speak for themselves. At Body Catalyst, our therapists are qualified nutritionists and health professionals, a key element of the body shaping process that is integral to the way we work. It is important to us that our clients not only achieve their body goals, but continue to maintain them long after their treatments. At Body Catalyst, we want to help you make the shift from seeing your body as the enemy to celebrating every inch of it.

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