Belly Fat Removal Without Surgery

Belly fat removal without surgery via Fat Cavitation Cryo

Getting rid of those stubborn fat pockets used to require liposuction. Not anymore. Ultrasonic fat cavitation achieves the same results without the pain to achieve belly fat removal without surgery.

No matter how hard you work at it, your body may have a few pockets of stubborn fat. All of the exercises in the world don’t seem to shift them. Those pockets would traditionally make you a great candidate for liposuction. This surgical technique essentially sucks the fat out of your body and gets rid of it.

But that requires surgery, which means a lot of pain and discomfort.

There’s some good news.

We now have fat reduction techniques that don’t require surgeons to slice your body open.

Fat cavitation is one such technique. To see how effective it is, we’re going to look at what a team of university scientists discovered when they examined the technique.

Fat Cavitation treating the leg

The Team of University Scientists Who Shows that Fat Cavitation Works

A few years ago, a team of six researchers came together to look at fat cavitation. Then fairly new on the market, the technique claimed to offer similar results to liposuction without the surgery.

All of these researchers wanted to test it out. One came from the Medicine Department of University Presidente Antonio Carlos in Brazil. The rest worked in the Histology Laboratory and Electronic Microscopy Center of Biomedical Sciences at the Institute of Uberlândia Federal University.

There’s a good reason why a team of Brazilian scientists would want to look into this. In 2015 alone, 182,765 Brazilian people went under the knife for liposuction. Brazil is one of the leading countries in the world regarding cosmetic procedures. Hundreds of thousands of people have cosmetic surgery in the country every year.

The team wanted to look at how fat cavitation works and why it’s gained popularity as one of the leading alternative fat reduction techniques.

They looked at the effects of the treatment on the fat cells of eight pigs. They checked two things:

  • The number of cells that fat cavitation destroys in the immediate aftermath of treatment.
  • The number of cells injured three days after the treatment.

The scientists split their test subjects into treated and untreated groups.

They found that there was a definite difference in the number of active fat cells in the tissues of the treated group. This occurred both immediately after and three days after the treatment occurred.

In fact, the difference was such that it immediately showed the viability of ultrasonic fat cavitation. The scientists achieved marked results with a single treatment. Consecutive treatments build on these results for even greater weight loss.

In the years since this experiment, we’ve seen fat cavitation become more widely used in cosmetic surgery.

Belly Fat Removal without surgery on male via fat cavitation

How Does it Work?

Ultrasonic fat cavitation makes use of ultrasound to disrupt the fat cells in your body. More specifically, a practitioner uses low-frequency ultrasound in targeted areas. This ultrasound places your fat cells under intense pressure. Eventually, they collapse under this pressure and become a liquid.

This liquid then travels through your body and finds its way to your liver. The liver then processes it and uses what it can as energy. Anything left over gets ejected from the body.

The effect is immediate and results in the reduction of fatty tissues in the targeted area.

That covers the basics. On a more scientific note, the process works like this:

  • Upon the breakdown of a fat cell, it releases triglycerides. These find their way into the interstitial fluid, which is a liquid that surrounds all of your body’s cells. As you may already know, triglycerides are your body’s main type of fat. About 95% of the fats in your body are triglycerides.
  • Your body takes over from here. It breaks the triglycerides down further into two components:
    • Fatty acids
    • Glycerol
  • It’s the fatty acids that find their way back into your body. Your liver metabolises them so that your body can use them to produce energy. Thus, you’re essentially releasing the potential of the stored fat in your body. Some of the glycerol may also get metabolised. However, the majority of it ends up getting excreted from your body.

That means that fat cavitation doesn’t just get rid of those stubborn fatty pockets. It also helps you to unlock some of your body’s stored energy reserves.

What’s key here is that this is a targeted procedure. A practitioner ensures that the ultrasound waves only attack the fat cells in your body. This keeps your other cells, blood vessels, and tissues safe while the ultrasound breaks the fat down.

Fat cavitation to remove pockets of fat on arm

What Are the Key Benefits?

The team in Brazil shows the biggest benefit of fat cavitation.

The technique destroys fat cells immediately. The Brazilian team proved that it’s a viable alternative. And in the years since their study, we’ve seen fat cavitation become even more popular.

However, there are plenty of benefits besides this obvious one to consider. Here are a few of them.


Benefit #1 – It’s Extremely Versatile

Fat pockets can collect in a lot of different areas of your body. That means you need a fat-reduction technique that’s effective for all areas.

Cavitation can target almost any area of your body. It’s most commonly used to get rid of fat around the belly and abdomen. However, it’s also a viable alternative for tackling fat in your thighs, back, and buttocks. Some specialists can also use it to treat smaller fat pockets, such as those found in your chin.

In fact, any area of your body that has 3cm of fat or more can undergo fat cavitation.

This versatility means that you can have several areas treated using the same technique. Again, this lessens the chances that you’ll have to undergo surgery to get rid of fat.


Benefit #2 – It’s Completely Non-Invasive

The big issue that many have with traditional liposuction is that it’s an invasive procedure.

A surgeon has to slice you open to do it. You’re also going to be under some form of anaesthetic.

Every surgery carries risks, even if it’s a routine procedure. Something could go wrong and cause serious injury. You may also end up with an infection if the wound isn’t treated properly.

That’s without going into the pain that comes following a surgical procedure. Your body needs time to recover as it now has a wound. This leads to discomfort and may prevent you from carrying out normal activities for a while. Plus, you’ll have a scar that makes it obvious that you’ve undergone surgery.

Ultrasonic fat cavitation does not require any form of surgery. That means you can have the treatment and go about your day as if nothing happened. There’s no pain, bleeding or scars to deal with. Plus, there are none of the risks that come with surgery.

Benefit #3 – It’s All-Natural

As mentioned, you won’t require any form of anaesthetic with fat cavitation. It’s an all-natural technique that lets your body do all of the work.

The ultrasound waves leave nothing – other than destroyed fat cells – in their wake. There are no chemicals involved and your body gets rid of the fat through its natural processes.

You’re essentially using low-frequency sound waves to destroy fat.

Benefit #4 – It’s Fast

The Brazilian team demonstrated just how quickly cavitation works. Their research shows immediate destruction of fat cells following a treatment.

Better yet, you also don’t have to spend a lot of time on the treatment table. A single cavitation session takes about 40 minutes to complete. That means you can fit one into your lunch break and have time to spare.

All told, you’ll need about eight or 10 sessions to get lasting results. That means you’ll spend less than 7 hours getting rid of stubborn fat that you couldn’t shift through weeks of exercise.

Benefit #5 – It’s Permanent

Cavitation doesn’t just reduce the size of your existing fat cells.

It destroys them. They get processed out of your body and never come back.

Of course, it’s possible to replace those fat cells with new ones. But as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regular, the fat you lose stays off.

Benefit #6 – It’s Safe

The treatment is safe due to its non-invasive nature. However, it’s important that you only work with trained professionals.

It’s also important to note that some experience a slight redness after the treatment. This is a temporary side effect that fades quickly.

The Final Word

The Brazilian team proved something crucial with their research.

Fat cavitation is the new way forward for people who want to get rid of stubborn fat pockets. You no longer need to go through all of the pain and risk that surgery requires. Instead, you can get rid of your fat quickly and easily using cavitation for belly fat removal without surgery.

Body Catalyst can help you do just that. Our team of trained practitioners will help you create a treatment plan that suits your needs and tackles the fat that you want to get rid of.

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