⁤Unveiling the Secrets of Effective Fat Burners: Your Ultimate Guide

Fat Burner Alternative with Cryo Treatment

Phenomenon of Fat Burner: Effortlessly Torch Fat

​​Struggling to shed stubborn fat? You’re not alone and there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Body Catalyst recognises that helping people change parts of their bodies that can’t be fixed through diet and exercise alone was the key to a life transformation. We explore the various fat burner options available, unveiling the methods that can transform efforts into results. From natural remedies, supplements and non-invasive treatments.


Table of contents:

  1. Kick-starting Your Fat Loss Journey
  2. Deciphering Fat Burners
  3. Natural and Supplements: Fat Burner Duel
  4. Cutting Edge Fat Burning Therapies
  5. Cryolipolysis and Muscle Definer Science
  6. Maximising Your Fat Burning Routine
  7. Wrapping Up: Powering Your Fat Loss Journey


Kick-starting Your Fat Loss Journey

Starting your journey towards a leaner physique demands a comprehensive understanding of fat burner mechanisms and their integration into a healthy lifestyle. Interested in burning fat naturally or fat burner supplements? Over 8 years, BC has been helping people shape their bodies and shapeshift their lives. This guide will lighten the route to achieving weight loss goals effectively.


Deciphering Fat Burners

What exactly are fat burners? They are designed to amplify fat loss agents, primarily by increasing metabolism, enhancing expenditure of energy or suppressing appetite. Even though the war against fat might seem challenging, incorporating fat burners into your regimen can provide a major boost.


Natural and Supplements: Fat Burner Duel

  1. Thermogenic Fat Burners: Accelerates calorie burning.
  2. Appetite Suppressants: Assist in controlling cravings.
  3. Stimulant-Free Fat Burner: Metabolism support without causing jitters.
  4. Natural Opposed to Supplements: The Fight of Fat Burners

Venturing on the fat loss adventure sometimes leads to a crossroad, choosing between burning fat naturally or fat burner supplements. We delve into both routes to empower your decision-making.

Burning Fat in the Natural Way

Integrating whole foods, such as lean proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables rich in fibre – can naturally boost metabolism and enhance fat loss. Regular physical activity, good hydration, and sleep also play a pivotal role in natural fat burning. 

The 3 keys to burning fat naturally include:

  • Green Tea: Natural thermogenic that increases calorie burning.
  • HIIT Workouts: Intense activities done in short burst intervals which boost metabolism.
  • Ample Sleep: Necessary for an optimal metabolic function.


Fat Burner Supplements

For those who are seeking an extra push, supplements present concentrated ingredients known for their fat-burning capacities. Selecting reputable products with solid efficacy is a critical step. Common ingredients used in supplements include:

  • Caffeine: A key ingredient that boosts energy and calorie burning.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: Promotes fat metabolism.
  • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid): Helps decrease body fat.


Cutting-Edge Fat Burning Treatments

We know that diet and exercise don’t always work in removing the stubborn pockets of fat that sit on your abdomen, love handles, bra back and so this is when the advanced non-surgical methods of Cryo & Tesla muscle definer .

Not excluding natural and supplemental methods, fat-burning treatments are becoming a common way to see faster results with innovative fat-loss solutions. Fat freezing cryolipolysis & muscle definer treatments constitute the pinnacle of non-invasive surgery-free fat reduction methods. The treatments for fat reduction include:

  1. Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing: Pinpoints and destroys fat cells through/by controlling cooling.
  2. Muscle Definer: Body sculpting treatment on most areas of the body where you’d like to tone muscle and reduce fat


Cryolipolysis and Muscle Definer Science

Demonstrating jam-packed efficiency in reducing localised fat deposits is groundbreaking, without the need for surgery, cryolipolysis and fat freezing have done that part. The treatments target selectively fat cells, preserving surrounding tissues, and offering a safer liposuction alternative.


Tesla Former as a fat burner

Tesla Former Treatments are known for their effectiveness in enhancing Muscle Definition. Studies have shown that Tesla machines can also burn fat via FMS magnetic stimulation providing an effective method for toning muscle & body shaping, “resulting in an increase in muscle mass in the treated area as well as a decrease in subcutaneous fat, resulting with visible improvement in abdominal body shape.” 1

There is also a synergy when you couple Tesla Former with Cryo where a combined approach using Cryolipolysis & FMS “Produced the greatest changes overall as assessed by independent photo review GAIS, BSQ, and circumferential reduction. This feasibility study demonstrates the safety and efficacy of these noninvasive body contouring procedures alone and in combination with greater contour improvements found when the procedures are used together.” 2

Cryo Fat Freezing on Female


Optimising your Fat Burning Routine

Fat loss requires a holistic approach, perfectly blending diet, exercise, and potentially fat burner supplements and treatments. Personalising is super important because what works for one might not suit the other. So, adjust your strategies by listening to your body, this ensures sustainable fat loss.

Consistency: Base for any fat loss plan’s success.

Integrating stuff is the Balance: Overall health is maintained.

Patience is the Game: Sustainable fat loss happens over time, therefore embrace and love the journey.


Powering Your Fat Loss Journey

Venturing on your fat loss journey with any of the fat burner might seem a bit complex though, however, with the right set of knowledge and tools, your desired physique is not far from reach, and that’s no secret. Burning fat effectively can be achieved through different portals, it might be through natural methods or supplements, and even through innovative treatments like fat freezing and cryolipolysis. Body Catalyst adopts a holistic approach to body shaping, considering diet and lifestyle to determine the best programme for you. We are invested in seeing you get results. Start the journey by speaking to the trained therapists at a Body Catalyst clinic near you and let the transformation begin!


Body Catalyst is currently offering between March 19th – April 8th 2024

4 Areas of Cryo + 2 Bonus Tesla Former Muscle Definer Sessions: 

  • AUS: $1,198 (valued at $1,754, saving $556)
  • NZ: $1,398 (valued at $2,754, saving $1,356)



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