Can you help me strengthen my pelvic floor?

pelvic floor strengthening treatment

Can you help me strengthen my pelvic floor?  The answer is yes.  Ok, Ladies and Gents, listen up. We’re going to talk about a very sensitive subject ….  Incontinence.    Pelvic floor Strengthening for women  Ladies, you’re up first.  Did you know that between one-third and one-quarter of women who’ve had a baby lose bladder […]

The Non-Surgical Facelift – Reveal Your Natural Radiance

Non-Surgical Facelift

So you’ve heard more and more about the ‘non-surgical facelift.’ If you want to know what the procedure is and just how effective the results are, then read on.  In recent years, scientific research and technological advancements, particularly in how our skin ages, have created incredible revolutionary techniques for the beauty therapy industry to help […]

Is our love affair with Botox over?

Is our love affair with Botox over

There’s no doubt that the introduction of Botox and Dermal Fillers into the beauty industry was the catalyst for a skincare revolution worldwide.  And given the millions of people who flocked to these treatments to correct flaws, improve their appearance, and ‘grow older gracefully’ with fewer signs of ageing and more ‘glow,’ it proved to […]

The NOTOX Revolution is here!


The NOTOX Revolution is here!  There’s a growing number of ageing women right across Australia saying ‘No!’ to Botox. But they’re still managing to take care of their skin using natural and non-invasive rejuvenation treatments, no injectables.  While Botox has gained acceptance over the years, there are still concerns about the potential for side effects, […]