How To Get Rid of Double Chin Effectively

How to get rid of double chin with fat freezing

A double chin – also known as submental fat – can affect anyone, irrespective of gender or age. But, contrary to the common misconception that most people have, the cause of a double chin may not necessarily always be due to excessive weight. Sometimes, factors outside of our control such as genetics, hormonal changes, and aging can cause the appearance of a double chin. Sagging of the fat around the neck can cause a wrinkle, resulting in a double chin. We explore the causes and how to get rid of double chin fat with treatment options.


What causes a double chin?

While excessive weight is a common factor, some of the other causes of double chin include:

  • Genetics: Do other members of your family have submental fullness, regardless of their weight or age? If they do, you may have a higher chance of developing fat under the chin area as well.
  • Poor posture: Improper posture contributes to many health problems, and submental fats are no exception. Your slouchy posture can weaken the chin & neck muscles, making the skin saggy and wrinkled.
  • Anatomy: Some people are just born with a small jawline, which makes the accumulation of unwanted fat unavoidable.

Treatments available for double chins

The good news is that simple, yet sophisticated non-invasive procedures can eliminate the deposition of submental fats. At Body Catalyst, our experienced therapists will be able to help you shape your body and shapeshift your life. You can take advantage of double chin treatments with cryolipolysis (fat-freezing) combined with HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) to destroy unwanted fatty cells using non-invasive technologies.

With this combined approach treatment, you not only get rid of your stubborn double chin, but HIFU technology also works to tighten loose skin around the neck, uplifts the jawline for definition, and leads to smooth and sculpted skin.


hifu double chin treatment

Are the treatments safe?

The double chin treatment is safe when performed by an experienced and qualified therapist. It is non-invasive, can be done on your lunch break and is a cost-effective alternative to usual surgical procedures.

What are the risks?

Some of the most common temporary side effects on the treated area, such as:

  1. Minor redness and swelling
  2. Skin sensitivity, tenderness
  3. Skin bruising or discoloration
  4. Tingling or stinging of the skin

Depending on skin sensitivity, you may experience temporary side effects up to 2 weeks post-treatment. However, for most, this only lasts a couple of days.

Why Body Catalyst for double chin treatment?

Every client has different needs, at Body Catalyst we take a personalized approach. All our treatments to help in eliminating a double chin are tailored to each person’s body and body goals. No two people are the same – you deserve a treatment program as individual as you are. Our therapists are highly trained and experienced, they’re here to help you shape your body and shapeshift your life!

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