Emma’s Cryolipolysis Fat Loss Journey With Fat Freezing

We speak to Emma, our client of the month, to gain some insight into her body transformation and fat loss journey.

We speak to Emma, our client of the month, to gain some insight into her body transformation and fat loss journey, and what drove her to Body Catalyst for her fat freezing treatments after researching this non-surgical treatment. 

How did you first hear about Body Catalyst? 

Initially, I found out about fat freezing on Facebook, after seeing a few ads showing how treatments work as a solution to losing stubborn fat. I then started researching clinics that were offering it around my area. I first went to one of your competitors who use coolsculpting technology. Although they were cheaper, I didn’t feel comfortable during the consultation, nor that I was going to get the results I was after when looking at their before and after photos. So I decided to look for other clinics and came across Body Catalyst Greenwood plaza in North Sydney. I had my appointment with Jacinta. I immediately felt at ease by her professionalism, and felt like she understood how to treat my main areas of concerns, which are my love-handles and my mid-section, to obtain the results I was after. 

What was your original push to seek fat freezing treatments out?

No matter how much weight I lose or how fit I get, there are always pockets of fat that remain on my stomach and love-handles, even at my absolute slimmest. 

After seeing the amazing before and after results obtained by other Body Catalyst clients, as well as being explained the difference in the technology being used, I was reassured I was in the right hands and decided to proceed with it. 

Especially now, after seeing my own results, I can vouch that it’s well worth the extra-money spent. It has improved my body shape and given a better contour. I can now wear high waisted pants again and feel comfortable in them which wasn’t the case prior to my treatments.

Emma, can you tell us a bit more about your lifestyle. 

I wouldn’t call myself lazy but I tend to be more motivated towards summer when bikini season is fast approaching. Quite frankly, I am not really active. For someone like me that doesn’t go to the gym, I am blown away by the results I got without diet or exercise. I was looking at pictures from a trip in Vegas, from 10 years ago where I was at my slimmest and realised that my midsection is better now than it was back then. All thanks to the results I have obtained with Body Catalyst fat freezing treatments.

Emma, can you tell us a bit more about your lifestyle.

What do fat freezing treatments feel like and would you do it again?

The initial suction at the start of the treatment is a little bit uncomfortable as well as the massage at the end. This sensation doesn’t last for very long though. During the treatment, the treated areas get numb which is totally normal due to the cooling technology so the sensation of the fat being sucked in goes away. I am looking at having my thighs done next. I just love the fact that there is no downtime which means I can head straight back to my normal routine.

Fat freezing, the non-surgical alternative to liposuction for permanent fat reduction.

It’s important to note that each and everyone of us is born with a predetermined number of fat cells that are stored differently from one person to another. When losing weight, fat cells shrink but are not eliminated from the body. Additionally, where you lose fat from is difficult to predict, as some areas of your body will be more stubborn than others.

Fat freezing helps in treating these stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t go despite a healthy lifestyle. Using a cooling system, this non-invasive treatment kills fat cells in the treated area permanently. As fat cells cannot survive at this temperature, these fat cells crystallise, die and over a period of 12 weeks naturally eliminate from the body.

Each treatment eliminates up to 30% of fat cells in the treatment area so the more an area is treated, the better the results.

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