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Angela’s Post Pregnancy Transformation Story


We speak with Angela, our client of the month, to gain some insight into her post pregnancy transformation and fat loss journey after completing Body Catalyst’s mummy makeover. We dive into what her customer experience was like in exploring different technologies and why she ultimately decided to go with Body Catalyst for her first fat freezing treatment after considering cosmetic surgery.

“So I’m 34 this year. I had my first child at 32. I’m a pretty healthy person. I do have a toddler so I’m always on the go and don’t always have regular meals. I work as a Doctor in Sydney, and walk 3km a day, to and from work, or on the treadmill. I wanted to share my transformation story in the hope that it would help others gain a perspective from my personal experience, with my background knowledge”.

“Post-pregnancy, my major concerns were around the midsection. I wanted to get rid of the stubborn pockets of fat on the love handles and lower abdomen. I started doing my research around fat freezing and going for consultations.”



“I came to Body Catalyst North Sydney and saw Jacinta right before my daughters first birthday, because my body shape had changed even though I was close to my pre-pregnancy weight. I was larger in the midsection and everything stretched. I was just exploring different options from fat freezing, fat cavitation and even liposuction to target the stubborn fat pockets.”

“I initially went to another company that offered cryolipolysis fat freezing. The first place I went to, I thought their technology wouldn’t be as good because they only used the flat applicators rather than the 360 applicators. They thought that I would need a lot more applicators as a result, and I was quoted 16 applicators, which I thought was excessive.”

“When I came for a consultation at Body Catalyst North Sydney, where I saw Jacinta, she really listened to what my body goals and concerns were. She’s also a qualified nutritionist and was able to help make recommendations alongside my program to help me get the best results. At our initial consultation, she recommended 5 applicators but explained it varies from person to person depending on where the fat pockets are and what the goals are. So for me, it was a cost difference. I also thought Clatuu’s 360 technology would be better. Jacinta also had a really kind bedside manner as well. I had entertained the idea of seeing a plastic surgeon as well, but I felt comfortable and confident with going forward with the non-surgical treatments following my initial consultation.”


“At my initial consultation, Jacinta took me through the different technologies, answered my questions and came up with a plan that would help me achieve the best results, tailored to my body goals, budget and also helped with tailoring dietary recommendations to my lifestyle.”

“The first treatment I did was love handles placed from the back. I didn’t find it too confronting at all. Of course, it felt cold and there was a slight pinch, but it was very tolerable. I definitely preferred it to getting cannulas and getting needles from liposuction. With my skin type, I tend to get something called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation which leaves a dark mark on my skin for 3-6 months after a wound. With non-invasive fat freezing, I didn’t have any pigmentation issues at all. I was really happy with that. Within a couple of weeks, I started to notice a difference where the fat areas were softened and it continued to shrink down in time. It was something that happened in time and quite gradual, but it was great to have that follow-up process to get remeasured and have some progress photos to have some before and after photos for myself.”

“After that, I had the love handles retreated and lower abdomen treated. I was really happy that my results had continued to improve, even up to the first year. The following year, I went in for a top up of fat freezing treatment. I also tried a few treatments such as RF skin tightening, ultrasound fat cavitation, TeslaFormer muscle strengthen and TeslaChair Pelvic Floor Strengthen in the meantime as well.

Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Transformation

“My favourite treatments have been cryolipolysis and TeslaChair pelvic floor strengthening because they really targeted my concern areas and helped me reach my body goals and gain back confidence.”

“Every time I had a prolonged cough, I was worried about incontinence – not a lot, but just a little bit. So far, I’ve only used the TeslaChair once, and I can feel my pelvic floor is stronger. Going through pollen season, every time I’ve sneezed, I haven’t had any leaks and I can feel my pelvic floor is stronger. TeslaChair was pretty conformable It kind of felt like a massage chair except on your lower half and pelvic floor. “




“The process was quite easy. I made an appointment over the phone and got email and text message appointment reminders. It was really nice to have a follow-up system to check-in post-treatment.

It was nice to be invited back to try some of the new technology as well. Because I’ve been there so many times and have had so many treatments, it’s been nice to be welcomed in and feel like part of the family and to feel like a regular client and to get to know all of the different staff as well. I would definitely recommend Body Catalyst if you’re exploring non-surgical treatments. The staff really get to know you, walk you through everything and tailor it specifically to your goals.”

Final Results:

Love handles
95cm – was 90cm around, now 87cm (3 cm loss)
97cm – was 89.5cm around, now 85cm (4.5cm loss)
100 – was 87cm around, now 83cm (4 cm loss)
104cm – was 82cm around, now 74cm around (loss of 8cm)

Lower abdomen
95cm – 88.5cm around – 87cm (1.5cm loss)
97cm – 86cm around – 83.5cm (2.5cm loss)
99cm – 83.5cm around – 81.5cm (2cm loss)

If the above sounds good to you, find out more about our mummy makeover treatment options available.


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