Does fat freezing work, is it safe and does it lead to weight loss?

Fat Freezing is the best kept secret of A-list celebrities. Believe it or not, celebs are just like us and struggle with stubborn fat they cannot shift despite a healthy diet and exercise routine.

What is fat freezing

Fat Freezing is the best kept secret of A-list celebrities. Believe it or not, celebs are just like us and struggle with stubborn fat they cannot shift despite a healthy diet and exercise routine. With no downtime, toxins or plastic surgery required, personalities like Jennifer Anniston, Khloe Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and Mariah Carey swear by it. Here is why.

How Does Fat Freezing Work?

First of all, you may still be wondering “what is fat freezing?”

Fat freezing is a non-invasive treatment performed using a controlled cooling technique. At Body Catalyst, we use a medical grade fat freezing technology called CLATUU Alpha to target pockets of fat from a 360° angle on areas of the body such as: double chin, arms, love-handles, tummy, inner thighs, outer thighs, banana rolls, knees or back bra strap. The stored fat in the treated areas is frozen to -9C without affecting the skin or surrounding cells. As fat cells cannot survive at this temperature, these fat cells crystallise, die and are naturally eliminated over a period of 12 weeks. The result? 25 to 30 percent of fat cells are permanently and naturally eliminated through your lymphatic system with each treatment of the area. Results starting to show from 6 weeks onwards. So YES, we have just spilled some serious news, it does work indeed.

It’s an effective fat reduction treatment

Cryolipolysis is most effective in people who have stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. It is not a weight loss solution. It does not appear to be effective in patients who have large amounts of fat to lose. So if you are within 15 kilos of your ideal weight and have fat pockets that can be grabbed, then fat freezing may well be the treatment for you. It’s important to look for a professional who uses leading medical technology (not all technologies are made equal) to benefit from optimum results. Pre and post-treatment care from the clinic you elect for your treatments is also crucial in seeing the best results and to make the fat freezing work.

It’s an alternative to liposuction with minimal side effects

The most common side effect during a fat freezing treatment is a tugging sensation which is something most people experience without drastic pain. The side effects recorded afterwards are minimal, and most will experience a little bit of redness, bruising, minor swelling, sensitivity, numbness in the area that was treated which is completely normal and will fade away within the first few weeks post-treatment. The treatment does not involve any anesthesia or incisions so there is no downtime and is considered a “lunchtime” treatment. Patients can return to their normal activities immediately following the treatment. In very rare cases, fat cells respond to the treatment by enlarging rather than dying. This condition is called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH). A 2014 study reported the incidence of PAH is currently thought to be around 0.0051%. Researchers have noticed that most people who develop the condition are men that had previous medical conditions. While PAH does not cause any symptoms aside from changing physical appearance, only surgery can reverse it.

You will sculpt your body and experience lasting results

The amount of treatments you will need for your procedure will just depend on your goals, the area of your concern, the amount of areas you are trying to treat and how drastic you want your results to be. You will start to see results at about 6 weeks, but the full results will be seen at about 12 weeks from the initial treatment. We recommend a retreat of the area 4 weeks after your initial treatment in most cases.

But be aware: it’s not a weight loss solution.

It’s not a weight loss alternative and shouldn’t be considered as such. Our team of therapists are here to support you on your journey towards your body goals and body confidence. After all they are not just experts at what they do (body sculpting), they are also qualified nutritionists who adopt a holistic approach to not only help you reach your goals but maintain them.

We hope this journey will inspire you to continue to eat healthier and maintain an active lifestyle. We also offer maintenance membership plans for those wanting to top up their results. So if you’re still wondering does fat freezing work then come and try it for yourself!


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