Why do we accumulate pockets of fat? (and how to get rid of them!)

Specifically the question should be, why do we accumulate pockets of fat in certain areas? But let me begin by telling you that fat is absolutely necessary.

Specifically the question should be, why do we accumulate pockets of fat in certain areas? But let me begin by telling you that fat is absolutely necessary. Besides its protective ability to withstand the elements, it is vital as an energy source, a host site for the storage of essential vitamins, a component of cell membranes and brain tissue.

However each decade we often find pockets of fat that were never a problem before or that we never even noticed. A decline in metabolism? A lack of exercise? Enjoying wine a little too much? We ask ourselves question upon question without knowing which direction to turn to for the best professional advice. I hope to be able to shed a light on the important things to remember and how we can help you.

Excess fat storage is more than often attributed to taking in an excess of calories vs. those expelled. Sounds like a simple concept of energy balance right? But whilst this equation has its merits, it’s a little more complex than this. Fat (adipose tissue) accumulation and storage is tightly controlled and influenced by our hormones which alter as we age and is gender-specific. This means that women tend to store fat around the pelvis, thighs, buttocks and hips whereas men tend to store fat in the central stomach. It has been studied and confirmed that the sites of fat storage in women are advantageous in terms of health yet less admirable in terms of cosmetic appearances. Conversely, fat storage in men around the central area (often referred to as a pot belly) is less admirable in terms of its health consequences and its link to obesity.

Similarly, as we age the actual ratio of lean tissue to adipose tissue naturally reduces. What this means is that over the age of 30 our body composition alters, resulting in a change in the distribution and appearance of both our adipose and lean tissue, contributing towards fat aggregation in the aforementioned gender-specific storage areas.

As most of you know, losing fat in these areas isn’t a walk in the park and shedding pounds takes hard work, patience and a lot of dedication. While all of the therapists at Body Catalyst recommend adhering to a nutritious diet (based predominantly on whole and natural food sources) paired with moderate to intense activity multiple times per week, we also understand that in many cases, some fat pockets just budge despite our strong relationship with our activewear and juicer. So what options do you have after you’ve tried everything? Cryolipolysis.

Body Catalyst’s Cryolipolysis treatment is a TGA and FDA approved non-surgical and non-invasive alternative to liposuction. A procedure that uses advanced controlled cooling technology to freeze targeted pockets of fat to the point of permanent elimination.

Precision hand pieces are placed onto the skin, cooling the area to between -6 and -10 degrees – a temperature fat cells can no longer survive at. The cells then crystallise and die. Post treatment, over the next few months the body’s lymphatic system uses natural methods to eliminate these dead fat cells from the body. Clinical studies have demonstrated that patients experience 20-30% loss of fat in the treated area after one treatment and have proven it to be a safe and effective treatment of body sculpting and body contouring.

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