Not all technology is created equal – what you need to know before you explore Fat Freezing

Evolution only allows our brains to consider a small amount of information when making decisions, and ironically, the more choice presented to us makes that decision even harder.

Evolution only allows our brains to consider a small amount of information when making decisions, and ironically, the more choice presented to us makes that decision even harder. Ever scrolled through Netflix for 2 hours without having watched anything and given up? Me too. This limited capacity can be attributed to all aspects of our life, from what food we fancy, to what body treatment we should choose.

In terms of non-invasive fat reduction we are inundated with options; similar but different treatments, new and old technologies, all of which are competing for our attention. It’s very confusing to know where to start. Which is the best? Is more expensive better? Who should I trust? Here’s what you need to know before you dive into non-invasive body contouring.

Fat loss is a big industry with non surgical and non-invasive treatments growing in popularity Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical fat loss treatment using controlled cooling to permanently eradicate subcutaneous fat in target areas. Now, whilst many of you may have heard of this technology, there are multiple brands, machines and techniques, which to the public eye, seem to do the ‘same’ thing. Unfortunately though, not all technology is created equal. Here’s why…..


First and foremost, the safety of a procedure is of vital importance. The technology is just as important as the expertise as the therapist conducting the treatment. Ensure the equipment is medical grade and registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). It’s astounding how many cheaper, non-medical grade fat freezing technologies are available. You cannot put a price on safety, so we urge you to do your homework and not take any risks.


Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could avoid the gambling game altogether and know that something was actually going to work? Layering treatment upon treatment in the hope we find the ‘gold standard’ eventually is exhausting and well, expensive. Choosing high standard technologies that have been clinically proven to have high efficacy should be the first point of call. Look for real life testimonials, before and after photos and word of mouth as evidence of efficiency.

The reason we chose Clatuu:

Clatuu is TGA approved, Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) registered medical grade treatment for non-invasive fat reduction to naturally shape and contour the body. This along with expertly trained staff that genuinely know what they are doing lends itself to a very high level of performance and professionalism. We specifically chose Clatuu because of the effectiveness of its results and its outstanding safety to ensure significant fat reduction in localised sites with very limited side effects. Our Clatuu technology has very high patient satisfaction which we are proud of achieving time and time again.

The reason you should choose Clatuu:

There are significant technical advantages between Clatuu and other options available on the market. In comparison to other brands, Clatuu offers:

  1. Dual body applicators – This means that we are able to perform bilateral treatments simultaneously compared to having only one headpiece.
  2. Patented 360 degree applicators – Our Fat Freezing technology uses 360° surround cooling technology for faster, more effective fat reduction. Think of a raw steak being frozen from one size only, versus from all sides – not the prettiest visual, but you get the idea! Our advanced technology not only decreases application time, but it also allows for larger encompassing of the target area – improving efficiency and results.
  3. Fast Treatment – Due to having dual applicators and 360 degree cooling our treatment time varies from as little as 40-60 minutes. This means that we are able to save you valuable time and money.
  4. Effective results – Most Cryolipolysis treatments take 12 weeks to see optimal results, whereas with Clatuu, results can start to show from 4-6 weeks post treatment. And because of the 360 applicator, more fat cells can be targeted and killed.
  5. Competitive Prices – We are very proud to be able to make Clatuu affordable for everybody. Our pricing system is designed to appeal to all budgets, small or large to help everybody achieve their own body goals.
  6. Market Leaders – Being one of the largest and most established body contouring clinic in Australia means we’ve helped hundreds of people reach their body goals. Our experience and expertise is unrivalled and it also gives us access to the world’s leading technology partners globally. What comes with advanced technology is superior training for the Body Catalyst team. So, you’re not only receiving the very best science has to offer, but you can rest assured you’re in the safest hands.

Regardless of whether your journey is with Body Catalyst, or another partner, we hope this article arms you with the right questions to ask to help you make informed and confident decisions. The next step is up to you. We offer complimentary, no obligation consultations if you’d like to know more.

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