Caroline’s Body Transformation with Fat Freezing

We speak to Caroline, our client of the month, to gain some insight into her body transformation and fat loss journey.

We speak to Caroline, our client of the month, to gain some insight into her body transformation and fat loss journey, and what drove her to Body Catalyst for her first fat freezing treatment after two years of hesitancy about undergoing the non-surgical procedure.

Caroline’s area of concern and lifestyle background

“Initially, I was looking for a solution to shift some stubborn fat on my upper abdomen. I am fairly fit but my upper tummy was over-hanging”, shares Caroline.

“I am very strong and lean except for my tummy area. I am a bit of a yoyo dieter. I had reached my goal weight which had stabilised, but despite all of the hard work I was putting in at the gym, nothing made a difference to the appearance of my upper abdomen. I didn’t like the way it looked even after losing weight.”

Caroline recalls, ”About 6 months ago, I talked to a friend back in the UK about fat freezing, but she said she had been told that it didn’t work, so I gave up on the idea thinking it was just a fad.”

Caroline’s decision to make the shift

“At the end of last year, another friend told me about a consultation she had at Body Catalyst in Sydney, and hearing her experience triggered my interest again. I thought I might as well give it a go? It wasn’t a major investment, and if it didn’t work it would do no harm. The appearance of my upper abdomen really bothered me, so it was time to give fat freezing a whirl.”

“After chatting to the girls at Body Catalyst and seeing the amazing before and after results of their clients, I decided that I would try it for myself. I also realised that choosing the right fat freezing clinic makes the difference when it comes to results. I shared that I was skeptical about the effectiveness of these treatments, but they explained that not all technologies are alike. Body Catalyst uses only the latest medical grade technology. CLATUU is the most advanced on the market, with applicators targeting the fat using 360 degree angles.

The team also specialises in the body. This is important when assessing and recommending the correct treatment plan, to ensure the shape you end up with is in line with your body goals.

The therapists are not only body experts, but also have a health background to help clients with their nutrition and overall lifestyle. During my initial consultation, we covered my diet and exercise routine and addressed my body concerns. The therapist then assessed the area I wanted to treat before making recommendations on the most appropriate plan to achieve my body goals.”

The recommended treatments and overall process

“I have had one fat freezing treatment done on my upper and lower abdomen so far.

During the treatment, it felt a little bit uncomfortable but it wasn’t painful. I felt a pinch at the start but the therapist warned me this would occur so I knew what to expect. This is a normal sensation as it means that the area has been grabbed correctly in the applicators they use to do the fat freezing treatment.

After having the treatment, I could feel a little bit of sensitivity in the area for about two weeks which went away afterwards. I really felt like this treatment was going to work.

I started noticing a change at the 4 week mark. I especially saw a difference in the appearance of my upper abdomen, which is the part of my abdomen I was most concerned about given the fact that nothing I tried previously had worked. The therapist told me it takes 12 weeks to see optimum results, so I knew it could only get better from here.”

Body transformation and results

“Once I reached the 12 week milestone, I had my follow up visit at the clinic. We took my after photos and measurements mid January, and I honestly couldn’t believe the results. I am so happy with the change it has made to my abdomen’s appearance, as I have been struggling with this area for years and finally managed to get rid of the layer of fat I couldn’t shift through diet and exercise – and all it took was one fat freezing treatment!

Next, I’d like to do a retreat of my lower abdomen as I have always held on to more fat in this section. Having another treatment will help eliminate more fat cells and make it look flatter.”

Fat freezing, the non-surgical alternative to liposuction for permanent fat reduction

It’s important to note that each and everyone of us is born with a predetermined number of fat cells that are stored differently from one person to another. When losing weight, fat cells shrink but are not eliminated from the body. Additionally, where you lose fat from is difficult to predict, as some areas of your body will be more stubborn than others.

Fat freezing helps in treating these stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t go despite a healthy lifestyle. Using a cooling system, this non-invasive treatment kills fat cells in the treated area permanently. As fat cells cannot survive at this temperature, these fat cells crystallise, die and over a period of 12 weeks naturally eliminate from the body.

Each treatment eliminates up to 30% of fat cells in the treatment area so the more an area is treated, the better the results.

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