The Importance of Staying Active for your health and wellbeing

Muscle Definition -Staying Active for your health

No matter what age, fitness level or life stage you’re at it’s always important to be active and keep your muscles working all year round.

Tips for getting strong and staying healthy

• Cardio is not always king

Make sure you’re not just focused on burning calories with cardio. Activities that include resistance like Pilates and weight training are critical for muscle building.

• Sweat it out at home

No worries if the gym crowd and CrossFit rage aren’t for you. Invest in at-home workout equipment like dumbbells or stretch bands and build muscle right in your living room. Simple exercises with weights can make a big difference.

• Prioritise protein

Protein is a key component in building and maintaining muscle mass, and many adults still don’t get enough. It’s OK to mix in a few treats in moderation, but make sure to include good sources of protein at every meal like lean meats, eggs, dairy and beans.

• Supplementary benefits

If you’re unwell and cannot get enough nutrition through diet alone, multi-nutrient oral nutritional supplements are available, including those high in protein and vitamin D.

If you’re looking to give your muscles a kick-start or accelerate your current training TeslaFormer can help you achieve your goals

Our TeslaFormer muscle defining treatment allows you to target specific muscle groups in a 30 minute session. To achieve your body shape or definition goals we recommend 10 sessions over the course of 2 – 3 weeks.

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