Natalie’s Wedding Transformation Journey

We speak to Natalie to gain some insight into her wedding preparation and how Body Catalyst has helped her achieve her body goals just in time for her big day

We speak to Natalie to gain some insight into her wedding preparation and how Body Catalyst has helped her achieve her body goals just in time for her big day.

Tell us more about your journey and what made you look into non-surgical treatments?

I had big plans for my wedding preparation. I wanted to look and feel amazing in my wedding dress. Unfortunately, during my weight loss journey, I started to experience back pain which stopped me from exercising. Soon after, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that impacted my spinal cord. Dieting at the time was compromised as a result, as my body required energy to fight off the pain, and the mental state I was in made me crave comfort food. Given the situation, I started looking into alternative solutions to help me spot reduce fat in certain areas of my body, specifically my back and arms. 

Why did you choose Body Catalyst?

An internet search landed me at the Body Catalyst site. I decided this clinic was the one I wanted to do my treatments at, as the staff are highly qualified and have a background in nutrition, health and well-being. I knew I was in the right hands to accompany me on my journey. The company is also leading the way in the field of body contouring, so I was confident I would obtain the results I was after.

What treatments did you do to obtain your results? 

I did my own research on fat freezing and the scientific benefits it provides, and decided it was the right treatment to help me spot reduce pockets of fat. My wedding was 3 months away, and given this treatment requires up to 12 weeks to see full results, I had to start right away to be ready in time for the wedding. I treated three areas twice. My wedding dress had an open back, so I focused on this part of my body, along with my arms. I ended up losing 12cm around my bra line which made me really happy. The tailor even had to take off fabric from my dress! It was originally custom made for me, but didn’t fit me anymore due to how much fat I’d lost. My main goal was to feel confident and comfortable on the day, which I managed to achieve with Body Catalysts’ fat freezing treatments. 

What did you experience during your fat freezing treatments? Would you recommend it to others?

The overall process is great. Post fat freezing treatment, I experienced a bit of sensitivity in the area once the numb sensation went away. It felt a bit strange but goes away rapidly. It didn’t hurt, nor was I bothered by it, so I would totally do it again. I would recommend fat freezing to people who need a little hand with shaping their body, or have stubborn pockets of fat they cannot get rid off. Not everyone can exercise or diet. These treatments really empowered me to feel good again. I have gained some control back over my life without putting unwanted pressure on myself. My journey is a bit unconventional as I couldn’t do anything physical or diet alongside the treatments, but was still able to achieve the results I was looking for, and I’ve learnt to love myself again. I am thankful these fat freezing treatments were able to give me the help I needed to regain my confidence, and have a fabulous back on my wedding day.

Fat freezing results

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