How to Avoid a Cryolipolysis ‘Shark Bite’

What is a SharkBite and Why the Experience of the Therapist Matters..

What is a SharkBite and Why the Experience of the Therapist Matters…

by Skye MacDade, Clinical & Wellness Therapist, Doncaster

In the body shaping field, with new technologies being constantly released on the market and the surging number of facilities offering such technologies, it is hard to differentiate between them. However, what is often overlooked, besides of course the obvious importance of the latest & evidence-based technology used, is who is driving the vehicle, ie. the therapist performing the treatment.

All successful disciplines employ individuals trained for the skill set specific to their duties, and the therapist performing body sculpting treatments is no exception. The level of care, experience and relevant credentials of the therapist should be of the highest calibre.

Fat Freezing

The popularity of Fat Freezing has grown rapidly in recent years, offering a solution to those who are unable to shift stubborn pockets of fat, irrespective of how much diet and exercise they do. So what exactly is Fat Freezing? Fat Freezing (also known as cryolipolysis) is a non-surgical, non-invasive controlled cooling technique that is used to reduce stubborn pockets of fat such as the arms, abdomen or inner thighs.

In Australia, there are only three types of machines approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for Fat Freezing treatment –  Clatuu, Cooltech and Cool Sculpt. So, unless a facility explicitly states they make use of one of the above technologies, it’s best that you steer well clear; it has not been approved by the TGA for a reason!

Shark Bite & The Importance of the Therapist

As mentioned, the credentials of the therapist performing the Fat Freezing treatment is extremely important, as there is a lot of room for error for an individual who is ill-equipped for the job. ‘Shark Bite’ is a term used to describe an uneven surface or abnormal look of the targeted area following a fat freezing treatment which has been performed inappropriately. This is why the experience of the therapist is of the utmost importance. A client undergoing fat freezing treatment should rest assured they are in safe hands, that the therapist is well trained, equipped and experienced in treating a wide range of body shapes and sizes.

Body Catalyst, the largest body sculpting company in Australia, has the most up-to-date, medical-graded and TGA approved equipment, along with experienced therapists who look after their clients’ specific treatments. Body Catalysts’ therapists know what they are talking about, as all of their therapists have a health background with qualifications extending from nutritionists, dietitians, nurses and biomedical experts, and are all highly trained on the implemented technology. Not only are they experienced and have the credentials to support this, they take a 360 degree approach to treating a client. Change does not just happen on the outside, it must also occur on the inside for a lasting result. This is why Body Catalyst therapists take into consideration medical history and current medication – to ensure the treatment is safe to proceed, along with other influential factors, including lifestyle, diet & exercise.


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