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6 Holistic Health Tips to Feel Great

Moderation is the Key To a Healthy Life

Evangelia Theodorou, MSc
Body Catalyst Hampton
Nutritional Therapist and Body Healing coach.

There is no doubt that we live in a toxic-filled world. Starting with our food, which may be laced
with chemical additives, preservatives and pesticides; and continues to our lifestyle, which plays a
role in exposure to environmental pollutants and chemicals found in personal care and household
The good news is you can really reduce these dangerous substances by detoxing. The bellow tips
will help improve your energy, mood, sleep and digestion, as well as boost your skin health!
1. Nutrition
Aim to enjoy more fruits as they are the best source of glucose, high in enzymes, vitamins,
minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Great to remineralise and nourish your body!
Eat more vegetables and leafy greens as they have an alkalising effect in the body and are a
wonderful source of gut-friendly fibre. All great cleansing choices!
Focus on a more whole food plant-based diet and avoid packaged and processed foods which
contain artificial colours, flavours, additives, preservatives and stabilising agents. Always check
ingredient lists to avoid excessive saturated fats, sugars and salt.
2. Hydration
Keeping well hydrating is not only important to flash out toxins from the body, but also necessary
for almost every cellular function. Feel free to squeeze some lemon or lime in your water, add a bit
of ginger or few mint leaves and a few cucumber slices to give it a boost!
3. Exercise
Our body is designed to undertake regular physical activity. The lymphatic circulatory system,
which collects toxins and moves them to elimination channels, relies on the body’s large muscles
like the thighs and the abdomen to actually pump that flow of lymphatic fluid along. Commit to a
minimum of 30 minutes of low to moderate intensity aerobic exercise three times a week to get
your body and those toxins moving.
4. Say no to Coffee and Alcohol
These beverages over time can set someone up for severe dehydration, burn out adrenals and
weaken the liver. Give your body a break from them and enjoy a nice herbal tea instead.
5. Dry Brushing
Your skin is your body’s larger organ of elimination, but any dead skin cell which accumulates on
its surface can compromise this ability to eliminate toxins effectively. Every morning use a plant
bristle body brush to dry-brush your skin all over using circular motions starting from the feet and
work your way up to the heart. This is the perfect way to kick-start your day, and will not only
remove dead skin cells and improve your skin’s appearance, but also make you feel more
6. Stress Less
Making a deliberate choice to focus on improving your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
is a very powerful step to take in reclaiming your health. If you have high levels of stress try deep
breathing and other relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga. Aim to focus on the
present and think positive thoughts when feeling negative.


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