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    The Benefits of Fat Cavitation

    Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation is a non-surgical treatment
    Published: May 10, 2021

    Are you tired of exercising and dieting to lose those unwanted extra layers of fat? Are you yet to see any successful results? If everything you have tried so far hasn’t delivered the results that you’re after, Fat Cavitation might be the exact solution you are looking for!

    Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation is a non-surgical treatment used to contour the body in both men and women. The procedure uses the latest medical grade technology to target unwanted layers of stored body fat and converts it into liquid form, which can be used and naturally eliminated from the body. The result is immediate centimetre loss after the first treatment.

    A safe and pain-free way of removing excess fat, Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation is highly effective in reducing fat in stubborn areas such as:

    • Hips
    • Thighs
    • Stomach
    • Lovehandles
    • Buttocks

    Benefits of Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation:

    It helps get rid of stubborn fat
    Helps to reshape and contour the body
    Immediate results after first treatment

    Why Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation:

    • Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation is versatile and can be used on most parts of the body where you might have stubborn pockets of fat. The most common treatment areas include the stomach, thighs, and buttocks.
    • It is a painless procedure, and consequently clients should not feel any discomfort while undergoing the treatment. Most clients report feeling a gentle vibration in the treated area.
    • It is safe and gentle treatment. Unlike other surgical fat removal procedures, Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation does is non-invasive and has no downtime.
    • Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation is a relatively easy and fast procedure. Each session takes just 30-60 minutes. All patients have to do to prepare for the treatment is to drink plenty of water.
    • Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation uses low-level ultrasonic waves to break down the fat cells into liquid form that are then eliminated from the body naturally, making the procedure safe and natural.
    • It gives immediate effective results. You can see visible improvement if you compare your images before and after receiving ultrasonic fat cavitation treatment.

    Do you find that irrespective of how well your diet is, or how much you exercise, you still retain stubborn pockets of fat on your body? Fat Cavitation may well be the treatment for you.
    It comes as no surprise that for many of us, losing stubborn pockets of fat and maintaining body goals can be confusing and challenging. At Body Catalyst, we are here to help you achieve your body goals and help you to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

    At your initial complimentary consultation, our body experts will be able to advise if fat freezing is appropriate for you.

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