19 April 2018

Not all technology is created equal - what you need to know before you explore Fat Freezing

Evolution only allows our brains to consider a small amount of information when making decisions, and ironically, the more choice presented to us makes that decision even harder. Ever scrolled through Netflix for 2 hours without having watched anything and given up? Me too. This limited capacity can be attributed to all aspects of our life, from what food we fancy, to what body treatment we should choose.

23 February 2018

Good riddance ripples. Cellulite, you’ve met your match!

The dreaded C word...that's right I'm talking about you cellulite. If you've landed here, I'm about to spill all on the cellulite conundrum. Come and join the party and let me help you make it a little more manageable. Ask yourself these questions:

1 February 2018

Why do we accumulate pockets of fat? (and how to get rid of them!)

Specifically the question should be, why do we accumulate pockets of fat in certain areas? But let me begin by telling you that fat is absolutely necessary. Besides its protective ability to withstand the elements, it is vital as an energy source, a host site for the storage of essential vitamins, a component of cell membranes and brain tissue.

16 January 2018


We all have our own little ways of keeping ourselves in our happy place. I truly believe the key to staying there is to prioritise the things that make YOU tick. If accepting that invite to a party or joining drinks after work just makes your mind whirl for a feasible excuse, then simply decline the offer. At times, we can feel pressure to be social, to step out of our comfort zone and to connect with others. But sometimes others have the power to alter and challenge your values for worse.

24 November 2017

Crystal Balling - Our Wellness & Beauty Predictions for 2018

At Body Catalyst, we have long held the belief that there’s no 'one-size-fits-all' when it comes to our bodies. Every body is different, which is why every person who walks through our door walks out with a different treatment plan. In 2018, we’ll start seeing this philosophy spread into the mainstream. Personalised EVERYTHING, deeper human connections, and self healing with spices are just some of the things we’ll be seeing more of in the year ahead.Personalised fitness products

9 June 2017

Starvation mode – why it is so counterproductive and damaging to our health

We all know that calories do matter when it comes to weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight. In theory, you should lose weight if you burn more calories than you are taking in. This can work if it is done in the correct way and if you are focused on the quality of your food, not just quantity. However, too much restriction can result in malnutrition, muscle breakdown, nutrient deficiencies and even weight (body fat) gain.