Loose Skin

That loose and saggy skin can be a nightmare. No matter how much you work at it, the skin just stays where it is. Now, there’s a new method of body skin tightening to rejuvenate your skin.
Your skin is your body’s largest organ.

And it takes an awful lot of work to keep it looking tight. Regular exercise can help, but nobody can combat the effects of ageing.

Eventually, your skin will start to sag. And if you’re carrying a little extra weight, or have lost a lot of weight in a short period, the effect is more pronounced.

That’s why so many people undergo skin tightening procedures.

There are 500,000 cosmetic procedures taking place in Australia every year. And so many of these focus on tightening up the skin to achieve a younger look.

These procedures require you to go under the knife and have surgery. Or, they require you to inject things into your body that aren’t meant to be there.

There has to be an alternative to these outdated skin rejuvenation techniques.

The great news is that there is.

What is a Skin Tightening Treatment?

At Body Catalyst we offer two advanced non-surgical skin tightening treatments, HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) and radio frequency, which are quickly becoming the preferred way to tighten up loose skin caused by ageing, pregnancy, weight loss and even genetics.

The Micro and Macro Focused Ultrasound energies of HIFU, penetrates deep within multiple skin layers to tighten and lift, whilst radio frequency energy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin – visibly tightening, toning and rejuvenating the skin.


At your initial complimentary consultation, our Body Experts will be able to advise which treatment or combination of treatments will achieve the best results for you.


Penetrates deep to the muscular level to create lift and contour.


Stimulates collagen and elastin to contract and tighten skin fibres.

What They Say

I’ve now had a few treatments on my body and face and can genuinely say that I’m looking and feeling amazing. My friends keep commenting on how well I look. My before and after shots really tell the best story. I’ve had fantastic results and feel a million dollars.

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