Cellulite Buster For High Grade Cellulite/Large Areas 120 Minute Session – 10 Pack


Goodbye cellulite! Combining 3 technologies to reduce fat, tighten skin and strengthen and define muscles, our Cellulite Buster program has got your legs covered.


Body Catalyst uses the most advanced technologies available to treat cellulite.


Working in a three stage process; fat reduction, skin tightening and lymphatic draining, Body Catalyst has worked up the recipe to cellulite reduction.


First, Fat Cavitation uses an ultrasound to rupture and break down stubborn fat cells


Second, Radio Frequency heats the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, tightening weakened skin tissues as well as assists in liquifying fat cells.


Third, TeslaFormer uses functional magnetic stimulations (FMS) to help excel the body’s lymphatic system, promoting efficient drainage of the fat cells.


We recommend completing a minimum of 10 sessions to achieve noticeable results.