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    What are your body concerns?

    Sometimes, irrespective of a healthy diet and lifestyle, factors outside of our control such as genetics, medication, and age can contribute to body concerns such as stubborn fat pockets, cellulite, wrinkles, loose skin and weakened muscles.

    We combine a holistic approach, expert nutrition advice, and the latest in medical-grade, non-invasive technology to help you reshape your body and shapeshift your life.

    It’s not about vanity, it’s self-love.

    The outcome of treatments is rarely ‘just’ physical change. They are a powerful and positive catalyst in people’s lives for emotional, and broader, tangible life changes – including a positive self-image, courage, confidence and feeling good in your own skin.

    What’s your catalyst for change?

    Body Concerns

    Personalised treatments tailored to your body goals and concerns.

    Pockets of Fat

    Permanently eliminate up to 30% of stubborn fat cells with cryolipolysis fat freezing. Shift stubborn fat pockets immediately with ultrasonic fat cavitation.

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    Give cellulite a one-two punch with collagen-stimulating Dalyance radio frequency and ultrasonic fat cavitation to break down fat, tighten, tone, and smooth skin.

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    Fight the signs of ageing with Ulfit HIFU. Tighten, lift and contour areas of the face, neck and décolletage for maximum collagen rejuvenation without needles or downtime.

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    Post Pregnancy

    Nurturing new life is a wonder that only mothers can understand. Give back to yourself post-baby tighten skin, target stubborn pockets of fat, strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles and treat abdominal separation.

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    Loose Skin

    Give skin a lift with micro and macro focused ultrasound energies from Ulfit HIFU and Dalyance radio frequency which penetrate deep within multiple skin layers to stimulate collagen and elastin to visibly tighten, tone, and rejuvenate skin.

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    Muscle Strength + Definition

    Say hello to stronger, more defined muscles with TeslaFormer. Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) technology targets deeper than exercise alone to reach hard to active muscles for increased strength and definition.

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    Weak Pelvic Floor

    Strengthen and restore pelvic floor with TeslaChair. FMS technology stimulates strong muscle contractions to the pelvic floor well above the level possible through Kegels and physiotherapy. Say goodbye to incontinence for good.

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    Double Chin

    Double chin got you down? Chisel, contour and define the lower face and chin with a combination of fat freezing HIFU. Using a combined approach, stubborn fat and multiple skin layers are treated to stimulate collagen and elastin for maximum tone, lift and skin rejuvenation.

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    What They Say

    "The girls at Body Catalyst have helped change my life. Before I booked in for my free consult, I was scheduled with a surgeon to undergo liposuction until I stumbled across Body Catalyst promoting similar results with no surgery. I have had my first course of treatment and have now extended my treatment area based on the awesome results I was achieving. The girls talk you through the whole process and give you honest guidance during your treatment plan. Thank you so much for helping me achieve lasting results and the self confidence I was looking for. " - Ky, Melbourne CBD

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