Samantha Barakat Light

Founder, CEO - MBA, BSc

With a background in health sciences, Samantha learned of the emerging technology of cryolipolysis and saw the potential to offer a non-surgical yet medically proven treatment for fat loss.

“I noticed that irrespective of how well people ate or how much they exercised, they would still retain weight in certain areas, the disconnect between the two fascinated me as much as it frustrated me. What was even more concerning was how this disconnect affected people’s confidence.”

Her vision for Body Catalyst was to combine the best technology with a holistic approach, bringing expertise in health science and nutrition to the services offered to customers.

Samantha’s an active member of several entrepreneur communities and female business groups, and regularly shares her experiences in building Body Catalyst to other aspiring members of the startup community. Samantha has two young children, two cats, and one husband with stubborn love handles.