Weight loss is a huge challenge for many people around the world. Both men and women struggle to regain and maintain shape, a matter that is becoming challenging because of the eating habits. Resultantly, chances for obesity and other lifestyle health complications are on the rise. In Sydney, weight gain is mainly caused by an accumulation of fat under the skin either as a result of the foods that one eats or baby fat in the case of women after birth. In some incidences, it is caused by genetic components.


Surgical liposuction used to be prevalent in early days, but with new technological developments,   non-surgical liposuction has become increasingly popular.  The main reason being the fact that it is a much quicker and painless fat reducing procedure.

Non-surgical Liposuction involves the adoption of cooling technology conducted in a controlled environment. A vacuumed device pressed in the area with fat followed by lowering temperatures to a level which medical studies have shown that fats cannot survive in, typically -9C.

  Quick and easy to undergo

Within 30-45 minutes you will be done with the procedure in which there is no surgery at all. It also does not require administration of any anaesthetic. It is even possible for you to resume work as there are minimum or no scarring at all. It also does not require you to be hospitalised. It ensures that you capitalise on your time as it causes minimal or no disruption to your schedule. The results will start being visible in the fourth week, but by the sixth to the eighth week, expect full results.


   No side effects

No significant clinical side-effects reported concerning non-surgical Liposuction so far which makes it even more attractive as opposed to surgical Liposuction which results to the undesirable side effects of inflammation, irritation and numbness.



As opposed to surgical liposuction which involves surgeries that can sometimes turn to a lot of pain, you experience no pain when you undergo a Non-surgical Liposuction. No one deserves to be subjected to pain when in search for a good shape.


   No stitching

We do not use stitching because the tubing used is tiny and are left open to drain away fluid.  We ensure your protection from secondary complications that are likely to occur as a result of stitching. It also expedites the recovery process.

  Less trauma to tissues

Non-surgical Liposuction causes minimum trauma to surrounding tissues because the liquefied fats require no emptying away. The rate of recovery rate significantly improved.


Non-surgical Liposuction results to fat loss and the new shape that is permanent if you take care of your body. Fats are killed completely by being subjected to an unconducive environment. The procedure eliminates a likelihood of reaccumulation of the fats under your skin.



Non-surgical Liposuction is relatively cheaper as compared to its counterpart. Because it’s a quick process, medical facilities are capable of taking in more clients, thereby maximising on economies of scale

Non-invasive Liposuction remains the better option available in Sydney, in a friendly environment by well trained and motivated professionals. Our motivation is to ensure that sustainable fat loss is achieved with no surgery at all. We undertake to make sure that every person who seeks to lose fat can experience greatness in our Non-Surgical Liposuction Clinic in Sydney

Are you having stubborn fat pockets on your body? Visit our Sydney clinic for a lasting solution.