Stubborn fat pockets

Do you dread wearing fitting tops because of your bingo arms or look at your abdomen and wish you could shed those tacky love handles on your flanks? Well so did Joanna and Yvonne until they took the bold step of consulting our professional therapists at Body Catalyst, their only regret being that they did not come in sooner.

There comes a time in your life when priestly devotion to a detox diet won’t cut it when hours spent at the gym are not enough to banish those stubborn bundles of fat. A time when curving out the signature body shape you desire resembles the horror of a gruesome one-legged climb up the steep slopes of Nanga Parbat. It is in times like these that you turn to your friend, liposuction.

Surgical or Non-surgical liposuction?

Liposuction has been an effective method of removing large chunks of fat from the body since the heydeys of dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. However, in more recent years, non-surgical liposuction seems to be the preferred alternative owing to its non-intrusive nature. Also, while surgical liposuction made use of anaesthetic injections for obvious reasons and was very likely to break your bank, non-intrusive procedures are anaesthetic and pain-free and attract a reasonable fee.

Other characteristics of non-surgical liposuction are:

  •         An estimated time of 60 minutes per procedure.
  •         Little to no downtime hence immediate full recovery and return to work.
  •         Visible results expected from 4-6 weeks.
  •         Side effects are temporary numbness, and mild bruising, firmness, tingling or pain.


Cryolipolysis is an advanced, non-intrusive procedure that permanently kills fat cells without surgery using a targeted cooling process. The process involves a unique vacuumed applicator that when placed onto an area of the body lowers the temperature of the treatment area to -9°C. Fat cells cannot withstand such low temperatures and therefore freeze to the point of elimination. This technology does not affect any other cells, and within a few months of the procedure, your new body shape appears as the fat cells naturally disperse.

There are two systems of Cryolipolysis; CLATUU 360° Freeze, and Coolsculpting. We at Body Catalyst use CLATUU as it is the most advanced system available today with an elimination rate of 25% within the first six months of treatment. Such success is a product of its Dual Handpiece system and the first-of-its-kind patented 360° cooling applicators for rapid and efficient fat reduction. While single handpiece devices treat only one side at a time, CLATUU enables you to address both sides simultaneously rather than have to wait 60 minutes to even out the other side.

In addition to its new technology, we choose CLATUU over Coolsculpting because:

  1.    Clinical studies conducted by the Royal North Shore Hospital revealed a record 89% customer satisfaction rates when using the CLATUU technique.
  2.    The Dual Handpiece system saves time when compared to the Coolsculpting’s one area at a time approach to treatment.  
  3.    The thoughtful people at Classys, the manufacturer of the CLATUU device, were so kind as to relinquish the rights to a licencing fee. Therefore, we pass on those significant savings to you. Coolsculpting requires a fee to use their product.
  4.    Substantial investment in research and development by Classys is a statement of their unwavering commitment to sustained innovation for up-to-the-minute technological features.
  5.    The 360° cooling applicators are faster and more efficient.
  6.    Results show progressive improvement from the onset of 4-6 weeks up to 12 weeks.

Non-surgical liposuction Melbourne

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