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I love these treatments, they are so gentle and give great results…*

After having three children, and losing most of my weight, I still had a ‘tummy bump’ and loose skin that just wouldn’t budge. I had resorted to wearing stretch pants and tights, with loose shirts all the time, which kind of made me feel ‘frumpy’. But now that I’ve had two treatments of cavitation and skin tightening, I can truly see and FEEL the results! I’m so happy that my tummy doesn’t feel uncomfortable anymore, the excess fat has mostly gone and I almost have my youthful flat stomach back where my skin is nice and taught! The other day I wore my skinny jeans at waist level and tucked my shirt in; and I don’t feel that excess tummy when I sit down, nor is it protruding out from my clothing. I may not even need my spanks anymore. Samantha and Josette made me feel comfortable and relaxed during the treatments which were very gentle and non-invasive. Thank you so much, I love these treatments, they are so gentle and give great results.* - Yvonne, Georges Hall, NSW

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One cryo session and two cavitation and can already notice the difference…*

I’ve always been relatively slim, but since having a baby I couldn’t seem to shed my excess tummy or love handles. I was sceptical but had heard about “fat freezing”, so decided to go along to have a chat with Body Catalyst. After an in-depth consultation and open advice on how to get my body back, I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve only had one cryo session and two cavitation and can already notice the difference. I can’t wait to finish my program and get back to my pre-baby body.* - Billie, Marrickville, NSW

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Amazing result from my very first skin tightening treatment…*

I had such an amazing result from my very first skin tightening treatment. Being over 40, having developed pigmentation and showing signs of ageing my skin wasn’t as youthful and taught as it used to be. Moisturizers can only do so much so I went about searching for different treatments. I had botox to minimize and prevent further wrinkles and whilst I was happy with the results Botox only targets a specific area of the face and is quite costly. I was desperate for an all over face treatment but didn’t want anything invasive. My girlfriend mentioned skin tightening with Body Catalyst so after a consultation I had my first treatment. Much to my surprise and after the very first treatment I noticed immediate results, my skin looked refined, firm and wrinkles were less obvious, even my husband noticed! The treatment had also diminished the appearance of my pigmentation which I had tried treatments for in the past to no avail. All in all, a simple effective pain free non-invasive treatment that I can highly recommend. * Michelle from Bronte NSW

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The treatment is easy, simple, and effective…*

Friends say if it wasn’t for my neck I'd look 10 years younger. I wanted to do something about it, yet was hesitant because of the high cost. I then heard about the Body Catalyst skin tightening treatment. After the first session, I was very impressed with the results. I could notice the difference immediately as well as the next day. I can’t wait for my next treatment, the treatment is easy, simple, and effective. A very happy customer.* -Afaf, Bexley, NSW

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I’m much more confident to bare my legs and strut my stuff..*

I can definitely recommend Body Catalyst. I'm much more confident to bare my legs and strut my stuff, having had Cryolipolysis and the Cellulite Treatment. I think it's important to note that I exercise and have an awesome trainer so for me I feel that the results are a combination, but I believe that Body Catalyst has played a key role in the fact that I'm embracing wearing shorts (unheard of before) and I feel so much better in my bikini! Thank you Sam and the team!!!!

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My legs look great! Thank you for making me love my body again!*

I have just completed my treatment. I had cavitation and skin tightening on my thighs. I lost 4cm off both legs and also lost 5 kilos. My legs look great! I love the reduction of cellulite in my legs. I'm so much more confident in myself now. I highly recommend Body Catalyst. Sam and her staff (Amy) are very friendly and make you feel very comfortable. Thank you so much for everything ladies and for making me love my body again!

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