Body catalyst offers cutting-edge Cellulite Removal and Treatment( 2;5)

Cellulite is one of the most common skin conditions affecting almost 90% of the women in the world. Even though it is quite normal, most women find it unsightly and want it gone altogether. Despite the number of body firming creams and coffee scrubs you use on a daily basis, those stubborn lumps will only disappear for a while, only to appear just when you thought you had conquered them. But fear not as we at Body Catalyst have the best treatment option intended to last long, so you enjoy your beach body all summer long.

Understanding Cellulite

Cellulite is a skin condition when fat deposits leave the fat tissue and deposit into the connective tissue causing the skin to appear lumpy or bumpy. Diet plays a huge role in this, and so if you fall into the overweight category, you might experience this. Even for those who keep fit, you might see these bumps especially as you get older even after exercising for years. Since the interaction between our skin layers isn’t perfect, these fat cells often push into the connective tissue and hence why most treatments only give you the Cinderella effect.

If you would rather not go under the knife for that perfect body, then Body Catalyst offers promising non-invasive treatment options for cellulite removal. We use a combination of some of the most dynamic TGA approved procedures. Our state-of-the-art combination of radio frequency, cavitation and 3D dermology breaks the fat deposits to reveal smooth and firmer skin. You can feel confident again every time you attend a pool party or simply wear your favourite wardrobe choices.


Located in the Sydney CBD, our clinics offer our clients a free consultation to discuss the best options for your skin type. Dimples are adorable when they appear on your face but not anywhere else. Ultrasound cavitation is one of the latest and most effective treatments for cellulite removal and skin firming in the market. An ultrasound machine sends waves into the skin, the sound waves eliminate fat from the skin, and the body then metabolises these fats. The procedure is extremely safe, and clients will only feel a little heat in the area under treatment. Customers will see the results after a couple of sessions, and the results are worth it.


The gold standard in cellulite treatments is the radiofrequency procedure. It penetrates deeper into the skin layers and heats the fat layers causing increased circulation, and the fat deposits drained through the lymphatic system. It’s quite useful for removing cellulite with results lasting for up to a year. The procedure is painless, but depending on your pain tolerance, you might experience irritation and swelling which we prevent using anti-inflammatory gels before the procedure. This method significantly improves the production of collagen which improves the skin’s elasticity.


Dermology is by far the least painless procedure. Suction and vacuum action on the skin is designed to improve circulation to the skin to reduce the dimpled appearance. 3D dermology combines the vacuum roller with radio frequency to get better results.

It is increasingly hard to keep up with exercise regimens and creams to achieve the perfect body shape. So if you have tried everything, visit us at our offices in Sydney CBD or Melbourne and our professionally trained staff will walk you through some of our bespoke treatments.