Cellulite Treatments: Everything You Need To Know

There are more medical descriptions about cellulite and its formation than you could count on one hand. The number of invasive and non-invasive treatments has also increased tremendously over the past couple of years as well. Most people that exhibit symptoms of early onset of cellulite formation have a hard time finding out what is happening to their body and, subsequently, what treatment to take.

The first step to take is to understand what cellulite is. Medically, cellulite is a fat herniation that occurs within the subcutaneous tissues leading to an outward appearance characterised by a bumpy or dimpled skin. That said, there is no single explanation why cellulite begins to form under the skin. Thus the numerous treatments.

Some of the widely accepted explanations as to why cellulite forms include:

  • Genetics – Some people are more predisposed to develop cellulite than others due to their genetic makeup.
  • Hormonal- Some people develop cellulite as a result of their body’s reaction to the hormones they produce.
  • Vascular- Some people are more likely to develop cellulite due to the configuration of their sub-dermal tissue.

Decreased circulation within the vascular and lymphatic zones within the skin as a result of extreme weight gain also increases one’s risk of developing cellulite.

So what treatments should you consider while in Melbourne Sydney?

Do not opt for invasive procedures such as liposuction because it tends to promote the formation of cellulite. The reason behind this finding is that not all subcutaneous fat gets removed while undergoing liposuction. As a result, the leftover fat depositions coupled with the damage to the septa arrangement of the cells leads to the formation of new cellulite. Invasive procedures are also costly and carry a lot of risks.

It is wise to consider non-invasive procedures such as non-surgical liposuction, also known as fat freezing, as well as radio frequency. These procedures are less expensive than the invasive procedures and are not painful. Moreover, all our patients are entitled to a free introductory consult before embarking on the treatment they feel comfortable. Results usually begin to manifest themselves after eight treatments. These treatments get administered once a week.

A focus on the treatments at our clinic

1: Fat Freezing

This procedure targets the localised fat cells within the abdominal region. Other regions of the body that qualify for this procedure are thighs, flanks and the back. The process is prevalent because some patients exhibit permanent positive results after taking few sessions. It involves lowering the temperature of the targeted area to about -60C thus causing the fat cells to die. After a few weeks, our patients begin to get beautifully contoured as the body gets rid of the crystalised fat cells.

2: Radio Therapy

This treatment is one of our most preferred treatments because of how safe it is. It is designed to target and heat up the cellulite depositions by combining both radio frequencies and lasers. Localised suction, as well as a massage, get incorporated as well to remove the heated cellulite. There is some level of discomfort involved and redness in the target area, but it does not last. That said we advise our patients to take a couple of sessions to achieve a lasting look.